A Unicorn Adventure 2017

5.4 /10



This movie is worth watching especially if you like Indiana Jones. I really like this movie, great fantasy, scenery, plots and clues but some scenes were not necessary. The big neighbor did not need to go on the trip with them. The main (Fransotti) villain kept getting away with things and not getting challenged enough-the villain kept showing up and it’s not developed enough to show how he always finds out where the hero is going. Still worth watching. There needs to be a sequelTwo siblings, 10-year-old Mo & 13-year-old Melody seek the help of their father’s dear friend, scientist & explorer Professor Shonku find their missing father who left earlier on a quest in search of the legendary unicorn and other fantastical creatures. On their journey, they encounter several adventures and interesting clues leading them closer to their father. Will they find him? They do encounter setbacks and challenges from the evil Fransotti who is always trying to steal professor Shonku’s ideas. A great family movie, some scenes not suitable for kids under 10.


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92 min(s)




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