Eat Me: A Zombie Musical 2009

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The 7th Circle of Hell is for those who commit violence against art (grifters, hypocrites and falsifiers, too). They sit on flaming sand … and drive a church bus across the heartland to a midnight rave where Death awaits, disguised as a cheese sandwich. Eat Me: The Musical is Tommy meets Dawn of the Dead – the epic odyssey of Peter (AKA John Lonely), the reluctant Rock n’ Roll Messiah of the Great Vulvalution. He drives into the afterlife, goaded on by a talking chicken, seduced by Satan’s Ex-Wives and tested by Scientologists. The highway to hell is littered with challenges: vegan redneck cannibals, homicidal Little Red Riding Hoods and horny zombies in bondage gear, plus the 40 oz Jesus, Jimmy the Buddha Dog and a Star Trek landing party. Fornication conquers all. Eat Me features performances by The Falsies, metal band Thismeansyou and the acoustic vibe of Thrum – with walk-on performances by singer/songwriter legend Devon Sproule and Richelle Claibourne of Soul Sledge. The song …


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